I’m Off to the Middle East… Wait What?

As you may have read, I’m off to Jordan TONIGHT with three friends and fellow travel bloggers: Amanda, Jessica and Julika! The four of us met in Madrid last year, insta-bonded and have been plotting our next adventure ever since. I’m ridiculously excited...

Life Out West: Months 4 and 5

You guys know how serious I am about money management, especially when abroad. So check out Nutmeg, a fully managed investment portfolio that you can access online. With Nutmeg you can set financial goals and receive assistance to help you reach them, with everything...

Nerding Out at Harry Potter World

Long before I was a traveler, I was a nerd. My favorite movie ever is Lord of the Rings, I played Pokémon until I was a senior in high school (no, but seriously) and I’m a lifelong Harry Potter fan. I’ve not only read all the Harry Potter books in English...
Hey! I'm Ashley. I'm a girl always in search of adventure. Since graduating college I've lived in France, backpacked Europe, India and Asia and am now living in Denver, Colorado. I love baguettes + red wine + really salty butter. Read more on my About Me page.

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  • Last weekend in NYC I stayed at one of my favorite boutique hotels of my travels: The Library Hotel. As a bookworm I loved the entire concept: each floor represents one of the ten categories of the Dewey Decimal System, and each room represents a different subsect of that category. For example, we stayed on the Math and Science floor and our room was Astronomy! Hence all of these books on space and time.  Oh, and have I mentioned that they serve free wine and cheese  every afternoon? 🍷🍷🍷@libraryhotel
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