Highlights of a Glorious, Sunny Week in Paris

In September I headed back to Paris, my one-time home and forever favorite city. It was glorious - the weather was sunny and crisp and the cheese was just as delicious as I remembered. Nom. My week in Paris was part of my two-week vacation to Europe. Two weeks off...

The Utterly Delicious Reykjavik Food Tour

While in Iceland, I knew I wanted to do a food tour. My trip was only four and half days so I figured a food tour would be the perfect crash course in Iceland's food, culture, and history. And boy, was I right. As you guys know, I've done a lot of food tours. This was...

I’m Off to Europe Today!

Hey guys, I’m off to Europe today! Words cannot express how excited and happy I am. It's been way too long. I'm headed to France, Belgium and England for two whole weeks (!!!) to see friends and family, and also to revisit places very dear to my heart. I have a weird...

The Stunning Waterfalls of Southern Iceland

Confession - I never used to like waterfalls that much. I had seen Iguazu and Niagara but honestly thought they were overrated and touristy. Why all the fuss? Welp, Iceland changed that. Iceland has so many beautiful waterfalls that I spent two days road-tripping from...

Turning 26 and a Brief Blogging Break

Hey guys! So I just turned 26 this past weekend. To celebrate, I spent five days with family and friends at my cottage in Michigan and it was glorious (aside from political drama - I can't wait for this election to be over). I have so much I want to share with you on...

Hey! I'm Ashley. After college I moved to Paris to work as an au pair and then backpacked Europe, India and Asia for a year, largely solo. Now I live, ski and work in Colorado, but I'm always scheming my next international adventure. Read more on my About Me page.


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  • It's been a tough couple of weeks for a lot of us. Sometimes just making it through is enough - so breathe, get outside and remember everything will be okay, or that at the very least, things couldn't get much worse 😢 #imstillwithher
  • Scuba-divers, don't miss out on Iceland. Diving with @scubaiceland was my favorite Iceland travel experience, and if you're worried you'll be cold, it surprisingly wasn't bad. Link in profile! 👆

Photo credit 📸 @scubaiceland
  • Finally got around to visiting the Maroon Bells and they were absolutely gorgeous 😍
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