Saturday Snapshot 5

In case you haven’t noticed my obnoxious excitement all over Facebook, Twitter and beyond, I’m officially working as a nanny in France. Thanks for reading and I’m glad to have you along for the journey!

This week took me to Nord-Pas-de-Calais, a rain and apple-filled region on the French-Belgian border.

Speaking of apples, the family I work for owns an apple farm there, which is where we stayed for two nights. When I asked the grandfather how long the farm had been in the family, he said, “Well, we have a map from 1820 that has our name on the property, so at least that long.”

As an American that’s a hard concept for me to grasp – their farm might be older than my entire country! The farm was wholesome and very French, and the family couldn’t have been kinder to me.

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best, so please help me by voting!


Photo A


This was a pretty hill-town I saw near the coast called Escalles. It’s located directly across the water from England, which you can see on a clear day.

Photo B


This is the same photo of Escalles but with an HDR effect I played around with in Picasa. Which do you prefer? I notice a lot of travel bloggers using HDR so I’ve gotten curious about it!


Photo C

French Lunch

A shot of the family enjoying some wine and cake after a long birthday lunch. The family hadn’t gotten together in months so everyone was laughing and talking loudly and just enjoying each other’s company. It reminded me of why I love France: delicious food, a relaxed pace, the importance of family.

Photo D


A little barn kitten I spotted. I was at a farm so there were lots of kittens and cats running around!

Which photo do you like best?


  1. Photo C! I love the candid of the family laughing and talking! What a great start to your time in France. :-)
    wintersundays recently posted..MUSIC IN MY EARSMy Profile

    • It was a great afternoon. The lunch lasted from 12:30 until 6, I’m not even joking!

    • Ashley,Lou and I loved all the photos , including the cat. I vote for the family having lunch.
      Lou loved the shots of Calais. They really don’t look real, do they? What a privilege to be experiencing what you doing and seeing—and sharing with us. You know we will like anything you send–recipes would be fun! Love, Gamma

    • My favorite is the family having lunch too :). I have been learning a lot of recipes so I do think I will post them soon! How do scallops with creme fraiche, armagnac and mushrooms sound?

  2. Like B and your travelouge style ie travel cum staying with local family to learn how they live. Thanks for sharing
    Best wish

    • Thank you for reading!

  3. Hi Ashley, On second thought I like the HDR picture better (the second one)

    Love Daddy

    • I need to learn more about HDR, it makes your pictures look great!

    • That’s my favorite too… I always feel kind of awkward when I take candids but it’s usually worth the effort!

  4. I really like A and D! The colors in A are fantastic and the kitten is SO cute! (Plus it’s a really good photo of a kitten which is like, impossible because they move so fast. And the colors work really well in this one as well, with the cat’s fur and the background!)

    • Yes, the kitten was a little skittish and hard to get a picture of but very adorable. I didn’t notice before that the kitten’s fur and the ground were the same colors, good eye!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I need to work a lot on my photo editing (as well as photography) skills. I love HDR photography though!

  5. I was a nanny in France! It was a great year, filled with all kinds of drama, fun, food, and best of all…travel! I hope you have a great time and I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures. I like the original picture better.
    Roni Faida recently posted..Bebo’s in Puerto RicoMy Profile

    • It’s great to hear from another au pair! So far my experience has been pretty low-key so let’s hope some drama and travel happen soon, haha.

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