Hey everyone, happy Saturday! So I’m back in Paris after a lovely weekend in the north of France. It’s nice to be home (well, back to my temporary home anyway.)

So basically any spare time I had off from my au pair job this week I spent wandering around Paris, taking lots of photos and stopping for bistro sandwiches. It was lovely.

Note – Next to all of the pictures I take of Paris I’m going to write the number of the arrondissement so I can remember later where I took the pictures! Paris is divided into 20 sections, or arrondissements. It’s kind of like numbered neighborhoods, if that makes sense.

I took several photos that I liked, so please vote on your favorite! I’d love to know what you guys think.

Photo A

Paris Street Art

By now we all know that I have a certain street art fetish, but I have to say I love this wall mural of Kate Moss’ face. She’s emoting a lot with that supermodel pout, you know? (6th)


Photo B

Mansard Roof

Like many other tourists, I adore the quintessential Parisian-style buildings with mansard roofs. This style was instated around Paris by Baron Haussmann, a French civic planner, who basically destroyed and rebuilt Paris in the 1860s. Have you ever noticed how Paris has lots of wide boulevards unlike most other European cities? Those were Hausmann’s  idea. (6th)

Photo C

Boulevard Haussmann

I’ve been playing around with the shutter speed on my beautiful new Lumix and I liked this shot because it shows how busy and alive the city can be. More mansard roofs too. (8th)

Photo D

This shot is neither busy nor alive, but these windows I spotted have some kind of dark and mysterious air to them, which I liked. (8th)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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