If I’m going to write about doors, then why not windows? I interpreted window as anything you look through, and this collection is from Europe, North and South America. It’s fun to guess where each photo comes from… chances are it will be very easy for you!

Hint – scroll over the photos to see where they were taken.

Centre Pompidou. Paris, France

Train to Soller. Mallorca, Spain

Alhambra Palace. Grenada, Spain

La Seu Cathedral. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Iglesia de Castro. Castro, Chile

Place des Vosges. Paris, France

Château de Versailles. Versailles, France

Paris, France

Musée Rodin


Tallinn, Estonia

Stockholm, Sweden


Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

New Orleans, United States

St. Andrews, Scotland

Dublin, Ireland

A lot of the photos tell beautiful and tragic stories:

The second photo in the series is from a journey on a wooden, antique train I took in Mallorca, Spain. I love how the photo conveys a sense of wonder and peace while the world is passing by so quickly. A little bit like life, I guess.

The photo from Tallinn, Estonia tells a much more somber tale; the windows were filled with cement blocks when Soviet victims were tortured in the basement.

Which one is your favorite?

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