This Saturday Snapshot is already a fail because today is CLEARLY not Saturday. But in my defense, my memory card mysteriously lost all of its photos so I had to wait for my friend to Dropbox me what he had. So be nice, I’m a mess over here.

This week (or rather, last week) found me in Cologne for four days having the time of my life. To sum up the weekend it went like this:

German beer + friends + snow + house music + clubbing ’til 6 am¬†+ potato latkes = a Teutonic, 22-year old version of heaven.

I’m now extremely homesick for Germany (if that makes any sense) and really miss all the¬†friends I made there.

Photo A

Cologne Cathedral

I know many who travel Europe extensively may eventually feel a bit “cathedral-ed out”, but this was the largest, most impressive church I’ve seen in a long time. It took over 700 years to build this Gothic beast, and it really shows.

Photo B

Cologne Cathedral

Also impressive (and um… cardiovascularly challenging) was the climb up to the top of the cathedral. The view overlooked all of Cologne as well as the Rhine River, and was made especially picturesque with a dusting of fresh powder.

Photo C


By the end of the day that dusting had turned into a full snow storm. As I marveled over every inch of the snow-covered city, and stopped to watch a snowball fight, I finally realized the root of my amazement – after all these years in Europe, I had never seen it snow there!


Photo D


Any trip to Germany should probably include a night of dancing until 6 am to house music. More details later, but for now – it was a blast.

So which photo is your favorite?

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