Saturday Snapshot 13

So if you follow my blog you may notice I didn’t post a Saturday Snapshot last week… oops! I was stateside for the holidays and was too busy sipping soy chai lattes with my little sister and frantically Christmas shopping with my mom to do much blogging. But now that I am back in La Belle France I will have plenty of free time to blog – so please try not to get sick of me!

Most of the photos from this week are from Instagram, either my account or my little sister’s.

So here is what I was up to in the last fortnight:

Photo A Christmas

This kind of Christmasy atmosphere is so hard to recreate when you’re traveling which is why I am so glad I headed home for the holidays. And of course, I got to hang out with my beloved familia!

Photo B

Candy Bars

Um, how creative are we right now? Okay, my little sis may have found this idea on Pinterest, but we put together the copy with the use of many little-known candy bars.

Photo C


After Christmas wrapped up, I found myself on a Chicago-bound Megabus where I stayed at my brother’s swanky downtown apartment for five days (Thanks, Panda!). I love the architecture in Chicago because it’s such a hodgepodge – you might find sleek skyscrapers jostling for space against stately brownstones, with a tiny turn-of-the-century seaside cottage randomly squeezed between.

Photo D

Ashley Abroad

It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve picture without two scantily clad girls with spray tans, right? My best college buddy, Alyssa, and I rang in the new year at a hotel party with thousands of young Chicagoans. Not a bad night.

Also, if you are a blogger I would highly recommending backing up your site! This has been a worry of mine for ages and I finally found a great WordPress plugin through a ProBlogger article. I am receiving no sort of compensation for sharing this (ProBlogger has no idea I’m even writing this), I just want all of my travel blogger buddies to be safe!

How were your holidays this year? Did they involve spray tanning?

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  1. Looks like you had the most fabulous time at home! I love the photo of your living room! So festive – exactly what I imagine Christmas in the States to look like :)
    Julika recently posted..What Porto Really Is About – A Photo EssayMy Profile

    • Haha thanks! I would love to see photos of a traditional German Christmas as well, after seeing the German Christmas markets I have a feeling it would be equally festive.

  2. Loved your photos and text. Makes me feel close to you, so I don’t miss you as much. Lou and I listened and saw on
    TV The Vienna Philharmonic, with symphony and ballet dancers on New Year’s day.Lou’s Birthday is the 7th of Jan. We are going to Bar Louie’s to celebrate
    with the Torres.

    Miss you, Love you.,


    • Hi Gamma, I miss you very much as well. I’ve been meaning to call but I will make sure to do so tomorrow, especially for Lou’s birthday! The Vienna Philharmonic sounds wonderful, and have fun at Bar Louie’s!! I wish I could stop by this week for a visit :(


  3. Hi Ashley,

    Love your latest post. Take care. Love Daddy

    • No it looks exactly the same! I’ve actually seen a lot of similar sculptures- maybe there’s an errant sculptor leaving them around the world? And I’m glad you like the plugin!

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