Saturday Snapshot 15

Hey everyone! So for today let’s just pretend this is called the Sunday Snapshot… at this rate I may just need to rename the whole series, haha.

So this week I continued with my normal schedule of wander around Paris, meet up with bloggers and take photos. But there was one twist- it snowed!

Photo A

Place Saint-Georges

On the way to met Kristen from The Kale Project at the Hotel Amour (how romantic! haha) I came across the very charming Place Saint-Georges. Sometimes I come across new areas in Paris and it reminds me that I live in an absolutely beautiful city.

Photo B

Paris in the snow

A few days later I revisited the Place Saint-Georges but this time it had undergone a slight but quite exciting change – snow! I had never seen snow in Paris (I’m told it’s a very uncommon occurrence) so it was fun to experience the city in a new and wintry way.

Photo C

Gustave Moreau

I also visited the Gustave Moreau museum this week. Moreau was a French symbolist painter who loved mythological and biblical figures- as a self-admitted Greek mythology nerd I enjoyed finding my favorite myths in the paintings.

Photo D

Paris in the snow

While wandering Montmartre I would spy the Sacre Coeur peeking out from around corners like this one…

Photo E

Paris in the snow

and this one!

So which picture did you like best?


  1. I love photo D! Love the building peeking out and also love the pop of color that the awning gives!
    Dena Barrie recently posted..To go or not to go…My Profile

    • Thanks, Dena! I love being in Paris because there’s always a surprise around every corner.

  2. Snow in Paris! Unbelievable! And so pretty! Love photo D!
    (FYI, a friend of mine just came back from Istanbul and they had a lot of snow there too. So apparently, you’re seeing pretty much whole Europe with a picturesque white cover this winter! :) )
    Julika recently posted..The Beauty of BudapestMy Profile

    • Haha I think I’m like a bad luck charm for snow! Though in a way it’s good luck because the cities look so much prettier covered in fresh white powder :)

  3. I have to agree with the girls above.. Photo D is beautiful! Really captures the atmosphere!
    Sylvia recently posted..Juan Dolio BeachMy Profile

    • Thanks! I have to say, Montmartre is never short on atmosphere- I guess you could say that about Paris in general!

  4. Oh, this was a hard choice. I’m in favor of the Metro sign with dusting of snow.

    • I’m glad to see someone else liked that shot as well! I’m kind of a huge fan of the art deco metro signs here.

    • Thanks, Katherina! It was cool seeing the Sacre Coeur from so many different vantage points.

  5. Loved all your photos, what an exciting walk you enjoyed
    in a beautiful city. Snow!! Lovely.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Gamma! When I was little I always loved seeing your photos of Paris- if I recall you have also spent some beautiful afternoons wandering the city :). Love, Ashley

    • Thanks, Alexa! Montmartre is a very photogenic quarter.

    • It was such an unexpected and beautiful surprise!

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