Hey everyone! Happy Saturday. So this week’s Saturday Snapshot is actually from the last two weeks… I’ve been cozying up inside to avoid the grey, drizzly, Parisian weather and therefore have been lazy about taking pictures. On Monday I’ll be off to London to face more bad weather but hopefully enjoy more photo ops!

Photo A
France Feb. No

I could have easily inundated this post with equine shots as I spent a happy Sunday at Zoe’s horse-back riding competition. I entertained myself by snapping lots of shots of unsuspecting horses, aren’t they adorable?

Photo B


On one of my few visits into Paris this week I came across a very cheery birthday party and couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Photo C


I also made crepes Suzette this week, a classic French dessert consisting of sweet crepes drowned in orange and Grand Marnier sauce. For a dish that is considered very difficult I wasn’t too upset about my first try!

So finally, which photo did you like best?

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