As you may have readI’m off to Jordan TONIGHT with three friends and fellow travel bloggers: Amanda, Jessica and Julika!

The four of us met in Madrid last year, insta-bonded and have been plotting our next adventure ever since. I’m ridiculously excited to explore Jordan with them. And of course, to lay eyes on the Middle East for the first time ever, something I’ve dreamed of for years.


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As a native of Detroit, Michigan, I’m no stranger to Middle Eastern food or culture– after all, Detroit is home to the largest population of Arab Americans in the country. I even consider Middle Eastern to be my comfort food- my coming-home meal is always hummus with pickled beets, lamb tips and sesame pita. (True story- I always make my brother bring it to the airport when he picks me up. I’m terrible.)

But back to the trip. The four of us aren’t just visiting Jordan as tourists. The purpose of our campaign, #GirlsGoneJordan is to strip away stereotypes about Jordan and encourage women to travel to the Middle East.

As a history nerd I can’t wait to explore such an ancient part of the world. But as a feminist and strong supporter of female travel this trip is about more than just visiting Jordan- it’s also a way to support women-based causes that I’m very passionate about.

Petra Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The four of us will be posting on social media all next week so if you want to know what we’re up to check out the links below. And of course, expect a deluge of Jordan blog posts once I’m back in the states.

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Have you ever visited Jordan or the Middle East? Would you? And what should I most definitely eat when I’m there?

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