Last month I headed to Rifle, Colorado, one of the best climbing destinations in the United States. Long-time readers may remember I don’t climb – I had a traumatic climbing incident in which I dropped a Tinder date from the top of the wall. No, that is not a joke. #thisiswhyimsingle

Rifle Colorado

But despite my fear of climbing, I still loved camping in a climbing area. The camping area was gorgeous, with craggy cliffs on both sides of the main road. And in case you guys don’t already know, climbers are beautiful. Real talk, I’ve never seen more eight-packs in my life than on this trip. So single ladies, get theeselves to Rifle.

Over the weekend, Murphy’s law was in full effect – everything went wrong and yet we still had a blast. We got pulled over, we couldn’t find my friends we were meeting, and one of my friends got caught in a barbed wire fence.

What was crazy was that at the beginning of the weekend the four of us hardly knew each other, and by the end we were all basically best friends.

Rifle Colorado




Overall the weekend reminded me of how much I love camping. Sleeping next to a beautiful stream, looking up to the milk-white stars, cooking eggs and bacon in a skillet for breakfast, reading in the hammock, driving around in my Jeep while blaring EDM. Such good, simple times.




Anyway, I know this is a departure from my usual travel coverage, but I wanted to share it because I want to share more of my life in Colorado. And because it was a good reminder that you can go on an adventure no matter where you are.

What about you? Are you a camper, a climber or both?

Important info:

In White River National Forest there is no cell service whatsoever, so I’d highly recommend bringing a portable GPS. I was kicking myself for not bringing one!

The climbing is expert-level, so only climb if you’re an experienced climber.

Non-climbers don’t really camp in Rifle – be aware you will probably have to drive to find a good hike!

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