What is Become An Au Pair all about?

Become an au pair

Hey! I'm Ashley. I'm a travel blogger and francophile for life. I'm also a former au pair, which is a huge reason I've been able to travel so much. (And why I talk about baguettes so much. But more on that later.)

After au pairing in Paris four times, I started this website to provide honest information for au pairs and au pairs to be.

And not the bland, generic advice you normally find on the internets- real advice and real stories from actual au pairs, to prepare you for what's ahead. After all, you’re about to live abroad with a foreign family- you want to know what you’re getting yourself into!

This site is a place where au pairs and au pairs to be can ask and answer questions, a database of useful information from what to pack to how to switch families (if necessary!) and a blog of regularly updated au pair testimonials.

A little about me 
I'm 24 and run AshleyAbroad.com, a travel and lifestyle blog. I've traveled quite a bit- to almost 40 countries (hence the travel blog) and did a lot of that travel through au pairing. After au pairing for three summers in Paris while in college, I ended up spending a year in the city of lights. It was undoubtedly one of the best years of my life: I learned French, cooked countless French classics and made lots of international friends.