Saturday Snapshots 36-38

Saturday Snapshots 36-38

Wow. The first Saturday Snapshot in three weeks! I have to admit that this photo series is dying a long, slow death. I’ve vowed to keep it going until the end of my time in Paris but after that it will be kaput. (And clearly I should never have vowed to put up a picture every Saturday considering I’m always busy on Saturdays.)

Anyway. Life has been really good recently, though my friends are dropping like flies- everyone’s leaving Paris! I’m trying to make the most of my time here considering I have less than a month left. All I can say is that this city will be very, very hard to leave… (more…)

Photo A


One thing I will miss? Little cafes with cranky waiters and shit coffee. It’s all part of the Paris experience.

Photo B

Party Limognes June

In the last three weeks I found REALLY GOOD Mexican food at Candelaria. I got to brush up on my Spanish and sip an ice-cold Modelo on a hot day… what could be better?

Photo C


On my recent trip to my friend’s farm near Limoges I took 400+ pictures in four days so I thought I’d throw up my favorites in case you hadn’t read the post! This is a bridge in the beautiful town of Confolens.

Photo D IMG_6044

This is a picture of my friend Rachel in a top hat. She’s fabulous.

Photo E IMG_6057

There’s no point of an SLR if you don’t blur out a background every once in a while, right?

Photo F IMG_6231

My Australian friend Fi. I love portrait photography so I was very happy with this shot!

Which is your favorite picture from the last three weeks?

Saturday Snapshots 34 & 35

Saturday Snapshots 34 & 35

Hey! Four photos in two weeks? Well… yeah. The weather’s been so good here that I’ve been less focused on photography and blogging and more focused on friends, sunshine and lots of other wonderful things.

The first three photos made me laugh though, because they truly do represent the trifecta of my France experience: partying in Paris, classic French grandmother food, and random-awesome-event-I-somehow-got-into. (more…)

Photo A
party copy

I obviously didn’t take this picture, but I just wanted to remember this night in Oberkampf with good friends. I will miss this.

Photo B


I finally made a coq au vin! It’s basically a rooster braised in red wine and then topped with mushrooms and parsley. Judging as I only have about six weeks of France left I need to cook as many old-school French dishes as possible.

Photo C


This week I got to go to the French Open! It. Was. Amazing. Post soon!

Photo D


On the hottest day in Paris yet, I took a stroll with friends on the Canal Saint-Martin.

What did you do this week?

Saturday Snapshot 32 & 33

Saturday Snapshot 32 & 33

So the past few weeks in France have been great, as you may have discerned from posts such as this one. As cliché as it may be, the spring in Paris is just as great as they say.

Hopefully in the future you guys will be seeing better photography from me as I just upgraded my photo editing software from Picasa to Adobe Lightroom! Though I’m currently just using the free one-month trial (which you can access here) I’m so in love with Lightroom that I will be purchasing it soon. (more…)

And if you guys haven’t done it already, I would love it if you could fill out my Ashley Abroad reader survey! I’ve already gotten so much great feedback and will be making lots of changes going forward.

Photo A


Last weekend I attended Edna’s Paris in the 50s Birthday party and had an absolute blast. It was such an interesting mix of expats, and there was just so much love in the room- I seriously feel so lucky for the great friends I’ve made this year in Paris. Bon anniversaire, Edna!

Photo B


At the party there was a little Paris blogger meet up! It was great to meet Emily as well as hang out with Edna and Danielle- as well as finally meet Edna’s fiancé Mike in person.

Photo C


Last weekend we had a long weekend in France (also known as faire le pont), so I visited the Vaux le Vicomte Château with the family I work for. It’s a beautiful château with a long and tragic history, as well as a very cool kitchen, as pictured. Post soon!
Photo D


Before leaving the château, I made sure to take a picture of the beautiful tree-lined road that leads to it.

So, which picture is your favorite this week?

Saturday Snapshot 31

Saturday Snapshot 31

Hey, everyone! So to sum up the last week, I would say it was amazing with a side of stressful. I’m probably feeling the happiest I have ever been in Paris (which may have a strong correlation with the balmy weather.) Needless to say, Paris spring so far has been blissful.

Here’s a few shots of what I’ve been up to this week: (more…)


Paris is in full bloom! On Saturday I headed to the Jardin de Tuileries with Edna of Expat Edna for some springtime sunshine and a flower photo shoot.


We enjoyed an impromptu picnic of rotisserie chicken while watching the little boats pass by.


Later, we strolled the Seine at sunset. Rough life, I know.


I spent another Saturday tanning and chatting with my good friend in beautiful and thankfully little-known Parc Monceau… head here if you’re looking for peace, quiet and impressively well-kept grass.


And finally, a little memento in my purse from the night before out dancing in Bastille with friends new and old. I probably shouldn’t say more than the night was epic.

What’s your favorite Paris picture from this week?

Saturday Snapshots 29 & 30: Alsace Edition

Saturday Snapshots 29 & 30: Alsace Edition

Happy Saturday, everyone! So all of my photos this week come from my long weekend in Strasbourg, Colmar and Karlsruhe with the lovely Julika of Sateless Suitcase. This was actually not our first European get-together- we also met up last December in Cologne, Germany, to see the Christmas markets. (more…)

Overall it was kind of the best weekend ever (lots of good beer, friends and half-timbered houses), although it certainly did a number on me financially- and if I want to go to Asia I really need to start saving every Euro I can.

And in the name of spring cleaning I created a blog survey- I would love, love, love if I could get some feedback from you guys! I’m really new to this blogging thing and I just want to know what you think works, what doesn’t. Here’s the link if you interested!

Photo A

I loved seeing all of the bright, springtime flowers in Strasbourg…

Photo B

Alsace and Germany2

As well as enjoy some prime people-watching by the banks of the river.

Photo C


I’m not sure why but this scene felt quite European.

Photo D


Julika and I took a day-trip to the adorable Alsatian town of Colmar, where we tried to score the perfect Pinterest picture.

Photo E


And since we were already in Alsace, we decided to pop over to visit Alex from Ifs, Ands & Butts in Karlsruhe, Germany! This is the scrumptious southern German dish of Käsespätzle.

Have you ever been to the Alsace region or Karlsruhe?

Parks, Picnics and Pompidou: Saturday Snapshots 27 & 28

Parks, Picnics and Pompidou: Saturday Snapshots 27 & 28

So it’s time for the weekly (or as it has been recently, the bi-weekly) update!

Post-road trip life has been pretty great- namely because spring is FINALLY here in Paris. (And is debatably over after about three days… this heat is starting to feel like summer.) I’ve been extremely busy with blogger events, social outings and just life, I suppose. But in sadder news two of my closest friends here left a few days ago to move back to England so that has got me seriously bummed. (more…)

Photo A


I love the Canal Saint-Martin, so it was great spending my friends’ last full-day in Paris people-watching and pastry-eating there.

Photo B

Paris April7

I’m starting to get a little creepy with my candid photos… but I must say I like the result!

Photo C


The view of La  Defense from Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Photo D


A lazy Sunday spent lounging in the park. We packed a picnic that involved baguettes, pink champagne, goat cheese and goat cheese chips. Yum.

Photo E


I finally made it over to the foodie-heralded L’as du Falafel. It was really good (I loved that spicy sauce), but I will admit that the falafel on the rest of the Rue des Rosiers is exactly the same!

Photo F

Le Marais April

Enjoying all kinds of art around Pompidou.

Which picture is your favorite?