This post had me going to to look for synonyms of ‘hilarious.’ These are all of the blogs I love, most of which are very funny and well-photographed. Note: As a new blogger I will be adding more to the list as I get familiar with other great bloggers.


Blogs I’ve been reading for a long time:

Alex in Wanderland – Alex writes well-photographed and laugh-out-loud posts about her diving trips everywhere from the Caribbean to Thailand. Her jaunts in Iceland definitely put the country on my to-travel list.

Adventurous Kate – Adventurous Kate definitely lives up to her name, and I love reading about her adventures from the far-off Faroe Islands to sex shows in Bangkok.

Bacon is Magic – Ayngelina writes such heartfelt and thought-provoking posts that commenting on them practically takes me half an hour. Her site is also great resource for single female travelers.

Be My Travel Muse – Kristin is probably the most adventurous, up-for-anything blogger out there- and that’s saying a lot! Reading her blog makes me seriously jealous.

Camels and Chocolate – Kristin is a real-life travel writer who has written tons of useful information on getting published. She is also hilarious and photographically gifted, so her blog is a must-see.

eTramping – Cez and Agness are two Polish best friends who are traveling the world on less than $25 a day. Their blog makes me wish I had a best friend slash travel buddy by my side!

The Everywhereist – Besides having a site with one of the most enviable website designs ever, Geraldine is also absolutely hilarious. (Please read her 50 Shades of Grey post for proof.)

Expat Edna – Edna is a self-proclaimed serial expat who lives in big cities around the world. An all-around well-written and well-photographed blog about life out of country!

Farsickness – Amanda is a fellow Michigander, so need I say more? She writes a funny and honest blog about life in Asia, but this is probably her funniest post everA Washing Machine and a Crazy Korean Grandmother.

Further Bound – A very inspiring and beautifully written blog about a woman who was 15,000 pounds in debt and managed to pay it off in order to take a world trip.

Legal Nomads – After giving up her successful career as a lawyer in New York City, Jodi began traveling and eating around the world. As a fellow foodie I drool over her food and cultured focused posts. Read her tips on how to travel the world for proof of her brilliance.

Megan Starr – Megan is living the expat life in Oslo, Norway. I love checking her blog to hear about life in Scandinavia and for info on destinations in Europe I have never been to – this girl has truly been to every corner of the continent!

Oui in France – A great expat blog full of funny and truthful observations on life in France.

Pommie Travels – Victoria is an English girl (hence the title, Pommie) who wanders the world and writes really interesting, entertaining blog posts about her adventures.

Nomadic Matt – Matt is a no-nonsense budget travel blogger who tells it like it is. His e-book gave me so much invaluable advice about how to start a blog, and his site in general is full of great travel advice.

Sateless Suitecase – Julika is a German travel blogger and fellow history buff who writes a lot about art, culture and art history.

That Backpacker – Audrey is a fellow 20-something traveler and Spanish speaker who is currently writing laugh-out loud posts about life in Korea.

Travel Junkette – Susan is a young, adventure-addicted traveler who writes really funny blog posts about working seasonal jobs abroad.

Unbrave Girl – Her stories about living in China make me want to pee my pants. One of the funniest bloggers out there.


Food blogs:

Laylita’s Recipes – Laylita’s pictures of ceviche and mango caipirinhas are certainly drool-worthy, and her website has a great archive of Ecuadorian recipes if you like Latin food, which I certainly do.

David Lebovitz – He’s a witty pastry chef who relocated from SF to Paris 10 years ago. What I love most about him is that he sees Paris realistically, grey skies, crazy drivers and all. He also has recipes on his site, which generally come out very chocolaty. I also highly recommend his book, The Sweet Life in Paris.

La Tartine Gourmande – Her food photos are beyond stunning and make me wonder why I have not yet invested in a $3,000 camera and lots of cute plastic spoons. Very natural and French-inspired recipes.

Chocolate & Zucchini – Clothilde is adorable, French and basically the friend I wish I had in Paris. Her blog has shown me lots of cool sites in Paris (including the best croissaint EVER). I also recommend her cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman –  This blog makes me want to get hitched to a cowboy, live on a ranch and birth four adorable, horse-riding children. As soon as possible.


Other travel blogs and sites worth checking out:

Stop Having a Boring Life

Luxury Travel Digest

Escaping Abroad

Ultimate Guide to Travel Insurance