Life Out West: Months 12 & 13

Since I moved to Denver, I’ve been posting monthly updates about the ups and downs of life out west: check out month 1, months 2&3, months 4&5, month 6, months 7&8, month 9 and months … Read the...
Hey! I'm Ashley. After college I moved to Paris to work as an au pair and then backpacked Europe, India and Asia for a year, largely solo. Now I live, ski and work in Colorado, but I'm always scheming my next international adventure. Read more on my About Me page.


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  • Odesza killed it at Red Rocks last night. ❤️ And shout out to @sarahrenee90 for helping me track down my phone that got lost and hit by a car 😬
  • Iceland showing off with a waterfall AND a rainbow ❤️💛💚💙💜
  • Beanie weather ❤️☃ #bluesteel
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