What I Miss Most About Long-Term Travel

Around this time last year, I returned home from a year of backpacking. And although it’s so nice to be settled, sometimes I’m nostalgic for my nomadic lifestyle. There are so many wonderful things about long-term travel. Long-term travel lets… Read the...

The 5 Most Important Things Au Pair Agencies Look For

Ever wonder what au pair agencies look for? Here CatherineRose, an American who is currently teaching English in France, shares the five most important things au pair agencies look for. It can be difficult for non-US citizens to live in … Read the...

Life Out West: Months 7 & 8

Since I moved to Denver, I’ve been posting monthly updates about the ups and downs of life out west: check out month 1, months 2&3, months 4&5 and month 6 here. Most of these photos are from Instagram, … Read the...
Hey! I'm Ashley. I'm a girl always in search of adventure. Since graduating college I've lived in France, backpacked Europe, India and Asia and am now living in Denver, Colorado. I love baguettes + red wine + really salty butter. Read more on my About Me page.


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  • Wrapping up my time in Nicaragua and I'm feeling very grateful. Grateful to have such a hilarious, easygoing travel buddy, and to have had the chance to explore such a colorful, complex country. But most of all I'm grateful to fly back to a home that I love so much. I never thought I'd be able to have a life centered around both travel and community, but I'm beyond grateful that currently I can have both. 💕
  • Concepión volcano, take two. 📸
  • All these tuktuks are making me feel like I'm in Southeast Asia- but I think these ones might be even cuter! 🇳🇮
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