Hot Air Ballooning Over Teotihuacán

When I began planning my trip to Mexico I knew I wanted to visit Teotihuacán, an ancient Mesoamerican city located an hour outside of Mexico City. And what better way to see ancient ruins than by hot air balloon at sunrise? I chose to go hot air ballooning with...

2015 – A (Part-time) Traveler’s Review

This post is admittedly super late... but I love annual recaps too much not to share. Honestly 2015 wasn't quite as epic and travel-centric as other years. (See 2012, 2013 and 2014 for epic.) But 2015 was the most rewarding year of my life so far. Because for the...

Life Out West: Months 12 & 13

Since I moved to Denver, I’ve been posting monthly updates about the ups and downs of life out west: check out month 1, months 2&3, months 4&5, month 6, months 7&8, month 9 and months 10&11 here. Most of these photos are from...

Hey! I'm Ashley. After college I moved to Paris to work as an au pair and then backpacked Europe, India and Asia for a year, largely solo. Now I live, ski and work in Colorado, but I'm always scheming my next international adventure. Read more on my About Me page.


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  • It's been a tough couple of weeks for a lot of us. Sometimes just making it through is enough - so breathe, get outside and remember everything will be okay, or that at the very least, things couldn't get much worse 😢 #imstillwithher
  • Scuba-divers, don't miss out on Iceland. Diving with @scubaiceland was my favorite Iceland travel experience, and if you're worried you'll be cold, it surprisingly wasn't bad. Link in profile! 👆

Photo credit 📸 @scubaiceland
  • Finally got around to visiting the Maroon Bells and they were absolutely gorgeous 😍
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