My French To-Do List


Here are my goals for the nine months I will be living in France…. wish me luck!

  1. Learn how to speak French fluently.
  2. Figure out how to use Espelette pepper in a recipe.
  3. Make classic French winter dishes, including Cassoulet, Blanquet de Veau (11/7, delicious!!) Coq au Vin (May) and Boeuf Bourguignon (at some point in Nov., pretty good!)
  4. Go to Brittany and eat galettes and salted butter caramel crepes.
  5. Go to Morocco and buy pottery and rugs.
  6. Couchsurf again Completed Dec. 2012 in Cologne- AMAZING
  7. Do yoga regularly.
  8. Try a French/English conversation exchange. (Many times!)
  9. Go to Budapest and bath in the hot baths.
  10. Learn how to drive stick.
  11. Look fashionable at least one time and post a picture.
  12. Make gougeres for a Parisian dinner party.
  13. Visit a World War I battlefield.
  14. Brave the Catacombes.
  15. See every new exhibit at Pompidou.
  16. Go skiing in the French Alps.
  17. Eat raclette after skiing the French Alps.
  18. Eat delicious Moroccan food in Paris.
  19. Dance at a discotheque.
  20. Learn how to artfully knot a scarf around my neck.
  21. Open a French bank account. (Nov. 2012)
  22. Go to Spanish Basque Country to eat pintxos and refresh my Spanish.
  23. Pick poppies.
  24. Buy a French perfume and have a signature scent.
  25. Go see only French movies (besides The Hobbit, naturally).
  26. Try a clafoutis that I didn’t make (maybe they’re actually good?)
  27. Make a chocolate mousse at home and share it with the whole family.
  28. Buy vintage French wine glasses.
  29. Frequent at least 3 Parisian antique markets.
  30. Go to Germany for Christmas and see the Christmas markets. (completed Dec. 2012)
  31. Become friends with the guys at the butcher shop.
  32. Buy lilies of the valley on French labor day and give them to loved ones.
  33. Have a French cell phone number. (Note- I have the lamest phone ever, but at least it only needs to be charged once a week!)
  34. Listen to lots of Jacque Brel and Gainsbourg.
  35. Visit the Sainte Chapelle cathedral.

And here are the goals I have for you know… my life.

  1. Get my scuba-diving certification in Thailand.
  2. Celebrate Carnival in Brazil.
  3. Climb Mount Doom in NZ.
  4. Write and publish a book.
  5. Fall in love with a really good guy.
  6. Compete in a Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder.
  7. Speak three languages fluently.
  8. Visit my ancestor’s castle in France.
  9. Live in Australia.
  10. Visit Angkor Watt.
  11. Visit a coffee plantation.
  12. Eat jerk chicken on the streets in Jamaica.
  13. Attend the Full Moon Party in Thailand.
  14. Go to Tomorrowland in Belgium with my brother.
  15. Write for a living.
  16. See the Harry Potter thing at Disney World.
  17. Watch a soccer match at a stadium in Latin America or Spain.
  18. Eat lots of dumplings in China.
  19. Learn how to use chopsticks perfectly.
  20. Run a 5K Color Run.